Red-light Distict Doll ~ Rahab

Don't Fight the Darkness

Madam Rahab—“legendary” serves as the only word descriptive enough todescribe her. Novelists and playwrights who muse about her escapades centuries later still refer to her by her old job title: Rahab, the harlot. Authors refer to her in this way, not because she never left the old life but because her skills and her beauty were vastly renowned. Reports vary on appearance but undercover patrons, who shall remain nameless, argue that she smells of freshly cut roses and wears vermillion lipstick. Another anonymous client claims the taste of her lips are so “seductive . . . [and] oh, so sweet” . . . and the words she whispers in your ear resonates as smooth as honey from a honeycomb on a warm summer’s evening (Proverbs 5:3 MSG).


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