Olfactory Musings of Mealtimes

Collard and mustard greens mixed, topped with chopped onions. Moma’s favorite medley coupled with cast iron skillet-fried cornbread.

White rice and flour-and-Crisco oil brown gravy paired with butter-fried chicken.

Rutabagas and pepper sauce or Louisiana hot sauce. Not easy on the nose, but cultured the tastebuds.

Oven-toasted, cheese toast. . . cheese courtesy of the government, thickly sliced. Grandma called it commodity cheese.

Triple-layered chocolate cake draped over a large dinner plate –no cake dish. Oh, let’s not forget the occassional simplistic spiced orange pound cake.

Savory nostalgic aromas.

What childhood meals awaken your latent tastebuds?

Leave a side dish comment and join us again soon. Glad you stopped by. ~Sonya @ Piaceri Semplici | Simple Pleasures


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